Education and formal certifications:
  • MBA in 1999 from IMS, Devi Ahilya University, Indore.
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt – from ISI (Indian statistical Institute), 2007.
  • Six Sigma Black Belt – from International Quality Federation, USA, 2003.
  • Lean Expert – Deutsche Bank (McKinsey) Accreditation.
  • PMP trained Project Manager
  • Enterprise Architecture/Business Architecture
  • Agile SCRUM
My Career
  • 18 years in strategy and transformation both in advisory as well as implementation/deployment leadership roles
  • Multi-geography work experience – UK, Germany, Switzerland, India, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Bangladesh
  • Multi-sectoral experience – Banking/FS, Utilities, Insurance, Healthcare Providers, Public Sector (central government), Lifesciences
  • Multi-functional experience – Strategic Planning, Operations, Finance, Treasury, Marketing, Customer Services, Risk and Control, Information Technology (IT), HR
  • Key brands I have worked for:


  • I am passionate about making a difference to the world by bringing in a transformation in culture and mind-sets. So that people can work together more collaboratively and efficiently in achieving goals that matter.


Have led or advised on numerous large scale projects that involved transformational changes over the last ~ 18 years.



  1. “Taj Framework for E-Government Strategy” published as cover feature in May’06 issue of the international journal - Public Sector Technology Management.

  2. “Private Partnering- A New Alternative to Better Health” published in the July’04 issue of bi-annual management journal “Gitam Journal of Management”

  3. “A Dose of DMAIC” has been published in ASQ’s  flagship journal – Quality Progress in Aug’08 issue

  4. Other research reports: 1) Promoting Medical Tourism in Asia, 2) Setting Up an International Health City in Kolkata, 3) The Emerging Opportunity in DPO – Diagnostics Processes Outsourcing



Regulatory capital management at a Global I Bank:

This involved leading a global team to review the complex processes that supported the determination of the Risk Weighted Assets (RWA) of the Bank. I used Lean and McKinsey 5 Lenses techniques to first of all gain transparency on the activities and dependencies across 13 different teams spread across the globe. This was followed by unearthing the issues and root causes behind the lack of confidence in the numbers and the highly inefficient manner in which the calculations were getting carried out. Finally, it involved generating both immediate and longer term solutions, approaches, and governance mechanisms that would address the problems. Key principles like upfront checks during data capture, clarity on requirements, clearly agreed communication rhythm/channels, ownership of process and performance, and visual transparency of operations were used to transform regulatory capital calculations. This led to millions of pounds in savings and of course substantially reduced regulatory risks for the bank.



Finance transformation at an energy company:

This market leading company wanted to reduce its cost of Finance by 20% and be seen as a leader in World Class Finance Operations. My engagement in an advisory role involved reviewing the Finance landscape, analysing the opportunities from a process efficiency and organisational restructuring perspective and specifically advising on consolidation of activities into shared services. Enabling the function to perform in a more strategic manner using approaches like business partnering and colocation, and much more efficiently using factory style industrial operations across onshore and offshore centres were key recommendations that were approved for implementation. Creating an implementation roadmap and determining the exact modalities of managing the transformation were all key to this engagement.


Strategy deployment and performance management at a Lifesciences Co:

As one of the biggest pharma/life-sciences company in the world, this client was struggling to have a clear line of sight to corporate strategy and alignment of its performance measures. My key task was to understand corporate strategy and ensure that it was deployed to functions and global teams in a manner that was not only aligned top-to-bottom but also done in a visual manner and that performance could be assessed quickly against the most relevant indicators and rolled up to visualise impact and gaps. Utilised Toyota methodologies like Hoshin Kanri relied on simple technological solutions to add attractive features and functionalities to the basic concept. Also involved proper change management and addressing hearts and minds so as to be able to introduce the changes in a sustainable manner.



Setting up a Business architecture and BPM Centre of Excellence:

This engagement was for the world’s largest water utility company. As interim head of Enterprise Process Management, my key task was to envision the role of the business/process architecture function within the company and lead a team of in-house resources to engage with different parts of the business in creating a transparent and resilient architecture. This was to ensure that the businesses were in line with the company’s transformation strategy. This involved working very closely with both the IT function as well as the individual business divisions to create process and capability standards and deploy them using customised approaches fit for the unique environment and culture of an organisation that hadn’t experienced much market competition in the past. Regulation and impending transformation of the entire industry necessitated a new way to view and manage business processes so that performance could be maintained and enhanced despite disruptive changes brought on by market dynamics and internal reorganisations.



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